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5 min readJul 17, 2020

Hey there! With the pandemic COVID-19 prevailing all over the world, the lives have been threatening to a great extent and so are the businesses. Thousands of businesses have been shut down with the outbreak of the virus and many have seen a great downfall in revenue. In today’s blog will discuss what are problems the businesses have been facing due to novel coronavirus so far and how TallyDekho ERP9 is the tool that has become the need of the hour.

In the previous article, we’ve discussed in detail how the business sectors have been impacted as the cases of the deadly virus have reached the peak. Also, we discussed the business sectors that have been affected at the least and the highest. In this blog, we’ll see the problems and the ultimate solution (tally ERP9 tool) for all those issues, i.e, TallyDekho: Hisaab Ungliyon Pe.

Problems prevailing in the business market due to COVID-19

Well, the issues that various business sectors are facing differ from business-to-business. Below are some of the major problems that almost every business is bearing due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

Changes in the consumer tastes and preferences

As the pandemic got high on a global scale, it led to changes in the tastes and preferences of the people. People have now become more concerned about engulfing hygienic food and using properly sanitized products or commodities. This has become a challenge for businesses to maintain high-quality service inducing more operational costs.

Sudden decline in the production level

Another problem is the sudden downfall in the production level due to the affected market demand rate. With the declining market demand, there has been a decrease in the manufacturing of the goods, due to which many production units have shut down, while many have been facing a financial crisis.

Break in the supply chain due to structural changes

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has changed the way things used to happen, thus leading to intense structural changes. This has induced a break in the supply chain of the production level in the market.

Challenges in the context of short-term liquidity

The economy has sunk and therefore, bringing difficulty in the short-term liquidity of the companies. As we know that for a business to go effortlessly, maintaining liquidity level is very important and that’s why maintenance of short-term liquidity is what that has become a challenge for businesses.

Reset the complete capital structure to balance capital spending

Apart from maintaining short-term liquidity, the capital structure is also needed to be reset or formatted as with the outbreak of the pandemic, businesses have gone into loss and thus, it has become a challenge for them to reset the complete capital structure now.

Market challenges to adopt new ways for performing operations

Gone are the days when the old methods used to work for doing the operations. The present time has changed the ways how the businesses used to work and therefore, a new challenge has emerged for enterprises to adopt new and better ways of doing things.

Beat the pandemic and overcome challenges with TallyDekho ERP9

Understanding the current market scenario and analyzing what is the need of the hour, TallyDekho ERP9 is the best-suited tool for bringing all your business-related inputs under a single umbrella, i.e under one control system.

Set your desired inputs on priority charts with customized dashboard

The TallyDekho mobile app provides you a customized dashboard wherein the user can prioritize the inputs and view only those ones, that are needed for a particular requirement. This will help you in easy business analysis and you don’t need to be in the office all the time.

Check every minute purchases & sales and plan inventory accordingly

Never let any purchase or sale go unnoticed. Be anywhere but keep watch over every minute purchases and sales happening into the business so that you never run out of the stock and you’re always a step ahead.

Perform easy payment & receipts management and maintain market credibility

Get complete access to the payment & receipts management system by just downloading the TallyDekho mobile app. You can view the reports with complete transaction information, therefore, making the business operations easier and smooth.

Keep a regular check on the ledger accounts of the clients taking care of every single detail

Now say goodbye to hustling countless ledger accounts and keep every transaction detail under your vision with the tally ERP9 tool.

Understand the current asset position by regular analysis of accounts receivables & payables

The user can anytime view the every minute account details about receivables and payables so that accurate current asset position can be estimated and you can do this all right from your mobile phone without actually visiting the office premises.

Get a clear-cut understanding of current inventory structure with deep-insights into analytics

The TallyDekho mobile app allows the user to check and get detailed information about the current inventory structure letting you get a more clear understanding of the subject so that you can plan everything accordingly.

Integrate your business with TallyDekho (Download tally ERP9 for mobile)

Let your business go unaffected, take over your business handles, and manage inputs with complete data access and analytical interpretation. Accessing your tally data was never this easy, just integrate your business with tally erp9 software download for mobile and web and track every minute input updates (sales, purchases, cash inflow, and outflow, inventory changes) on your mobile phone. Avail the subscription today with free download tally erp9 with GST sharing and easy transaction tracking. Stay connected for more interesting articles. Feel free to share your feedback.




TallyDekho is mobile application that helps user to access all Tally Desktop App data on mobile. It uses Google Drive to store the data.