Tally: An important tool for leading a successful business

3 min readOct 3, 2019

With the millions of businesses established across the globe, it seems quite difficult for an enterprise to keep every single accounting detail in hand. A successful running business is the one that keeps every detail about finance and functionality under the eye. And today when there are limitless things a business has to take care of, it is very difficult to track and pace up with the operations happening like accounts, purchases, sales, taxation, payrolls, inventory management and much more. So, to manage all such operations and keep track of all in & outs, Tally ERP 9 is considered one of the most preferred software that is recommended by entities as their business management software. In this article, we’ll discuss how tally has become the need of the moment for every business unit.

Before we start discussing the need for tally and its significance in the business world, let us first understand what tally is all about. Tally ERP 9 is software for managing accounting systems, commercial transactions, calculating GST in an efficient manner. Tally can be called as ‘analyzing hand’ for businesses. In short, you can use it for managing every aspect of business operations whether monetary or related to inventory.

Here are the reasons why businesses use tally for managing their financial operations:

Simplifies the accounting

It is one of the most common features of Tally. There are millions of organizations using accounting features of Tally to maintain their accounts related to credit, debit, journals, ledger, sales, purchases, memos, etc.

Ease in ratio analysis

There are certain interested parties in the company who always look forward to various ratios like debt-equity ratio, current ratio, liquidity ratio, and many others. Here tally helps the user to analyze the profits and also guides the interested parties to make the next move. Here, interested parties refer to shareholders, creditors, debtors, government, financial institutions, etc.

Helpful in managing sales and purchases

It is an ideal accounting tool for preparing sales report and identifying the number of sales taking place periodically. Secondly, a regular understanding of the sales trends can help the managers to take important decisions about the quantum of sales to be maintained.

Easy management of outstandings and dues

With the integration of Tally into your business, managing the outstanding payments and dues becomes very easy. Tally helps in maintaining and keeping the track of bills receivables and payables.

Easy tax calculations and billing

The best part about Tally is you can easily make tax calculations and keep the track of all the tax and billing-related details.

What is TallyDekho?

We all know that maintaining and managing business accounts, sales, purchases, receivables, payables, etc seem quite difficult on a desktop system. Every single time you need to start your system and open n number of tabs. To remove all such issues and making things easier, we’ve got a solution for you where you can keep yourself updated with every minute transaction taking place. TallyDekho is one such emerging mobile application that helps you have access to all such data just on your fingertips. And you don’t need any third party for the same. The app is for both android as well as iOS mobile users. You can anytime check your sales, purchases, ledger, reports, stock management in just one click on your tips.

Along with that, the TallyDekho app enables you to share GST invoices from your mobile in the most secure way. Isn’t it just wow!

The app uses the user’s Google Drive for storing data, it means the ownership and access lie with the user only ensuring the highest security. Also, the subscription is free for 1 year for early birds. Additionally, we’re offering premium account to Chartered Accountants at no cost. So why wait, make your business grow more and keep all details on your tips with TallyDekho.




TallyDekho is mobile application that helps user to access all Tally Desktop App data on mobile. It uses Google Drive to store the data.